Milly’s Garden – 14 – Oil On Canvas – 6″x20″

Foliage at Millys Garden - 14 - Oil On Canvas - 6x20

“Following My Nature” 

My art is about my connection with nature. Memories from childhood of the scents, colors, sounds, and textures have inspired me to paint the world of through eyes that see the wind in a field of tall grasses moving like waves on the sea, feel tranquility in the lily pad floating on a pond, or witness the rare stillness of a bird resting on a branch. The desire to paint nature and capture such moments ignites a passion within me.  In the natural world I feel that I can understand the beginning of everything through the rocks, the trees, the sound of running water, the flight of birds to freedom — and through these paintings it is my intention that the viewer will experience this sense of belonging and our universal connection with nature.
I hope you enjoy what I see when I’m Following My Nature.

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