Painting for me is the process by which I seek Truth, and the constant challenge of finding and portraying the Truth – the Balance – in Nature.

I was taught by both Israeli and American artists, each of whom inspired me and contributed to my artistic development, all of whom urged me to always seek and build my own language, my unique artistic signature. Be determined, they all said: ‘seek your own path and a direction that fits your artistic needs; develop each concept in all directions; constantly strive to get better and be more daring because this is the only way you will find your individuality as an artist’. They were right.

My artwork begins with a photo I have taken, moved by the artistic visions it inspires, I select combination of materials coming together in one painting this is my way to preserve Nature and give life – and permanence – to the memories I’m collecting.

In finding and portraying the Truth – the Balance – in Nature, my goal is to create artwork that is balanced…that “plays the music”, and the music I hear from each painting is different from all the paintings that preceded it.

The Plein Air figurative abstract paintings are the cords that connect me to Nature and are the foundation and inspiration for my Mixed Media.

Thank you for entering my website.

Nira Chorev

2 thoughts on “ARTIST’S STATEMENT

  1. Nira, I love the constant flow and movement of your work; the integrations and interplay of forms, textures, and colors! it is inspiring.

  2. An opening,an ongoing opening into the statements. Now the next wirk is family yet very unique for it’s independent space in the matrix of your art building yhe statement into the art. עלי והצליח לעורר התפעלות וחוט מקשר למשותף שבצורה צבע ודיבור שכל עבודה קובעת ביחודיות שלה הגם שהעבודות הן כמשפחה.

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