To all my friends and followers on Facebook, Linkedin and my website: Thank you
for all the “Likes”, “Loves”and comments that you have shared with me about
my mixed media artwork. I thought you would like to know that one of those pieces, “Dunes” 3, was selected to be on the cover of Art & Beyond Art Magazine
for July/August and “For You For Us” on page 6.

Art & Beyond, Vol. 34 – January/February, 2017, Pages: 21

Art & Beyond, Vol. 34 – January/February, 2016, Pages: 41

Art & Beyond, Vol. 29 – July/August, 2015, Pages: 9, 17 & 56 beyond/docs/art beyond july aug 2015 issue lr/1

Art & Beyond, Vol. 24 – January/February, 2015, Pages: 14, 15 beyond/docs/art beyond jan feb 2015 lr/1

Art & Beyond, Vol. 12 – July, 2013, Page: 14 beyond/docs/art beyond special nude 2013/14

Art New England, September/October, 2014 – Directory


Contemporary Art Gallery OnlineContemporaryartgalleryonline
2017 “ALL Colors” Competition Winners

Artavita – A free online gallery


Noga Art


The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel


Tradition and Transformation: Three Millennia of Jewish Art and Architecture
By: Ori Z. Soltes, Pages 639, 640 – “BW”

All Women 2013 Art Exhibition – Event Catalog

Art Takes Times Square – 2012, Page 262

Art In Israel Today – Joseph A. Melamed – 1991, Page 71

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